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Satisfaction guarantee

We hope that our products can be a wonderful thing in your life, and are willing to back that up with a Satisfaction Guarantee.  

  • If you have any trouble assembling your furniture please let us know. 
  • If for any reason it arrives with broken or missing parts, we will send you replacements -- free of charge!  

If you are not happy with the product, you can return it.  Please see our returns & replacements for details.


5 - Year warranty

Our goal is to make safe furniture for you , your family, and the earth. We’re using durable, safe pieces that are meant to last. With normal wear, our furniture should endure for 5 years. 

"Bilauf"  warranty the craftsmanship and materials of the products up to 5 years from the initial date of purchase through our shop or authorized re-sellers. 

These Limited Warranties cover:

  •  damages due normal wear or during shipping
  • replacement of defective parts 

These Limited Warranties do not cover:

  • damages resulting from improper use or abuse,
  • damages resulting from improper or unapproved cleaning methods,
  • damages resulting from exposure to sunlight, any liquid, household humidity,
  • damages or defects caused by use of chemical treatments or protective coatings on the finish,
  •  damages resulting from any  alteration in the original parts of the products

These Limited Warranties are non-transferable. These are only given to the original purchaser, subject to all the terms and conditions above.