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The story behind Bilauf – from the beginning until today.


It all started back in 2017, maybe even a little bit earlier – it started with a... box. Just some boxes were handmade for local businesses but the demand was very low. An opportunity came and our founder visited Denmark – he took the handmade boxes with him and tried to offer this product to local farms. A miracle? A coincidence? A result of hard work, belief and not giving up? Call it as you wish but this was how the first orders came. This led to a small workshop in a grandfathers sheep farm barn. 

As time passed, the small workshop grew into something more serious. The facility of the workshop was renovated – a second story was built and the ceiling was lifted. Production and demand grew, tables, chairs, shelves and other furniture were made. Big changes came in our founders personal life as well – he had a daughter. With this, his focus shifted to toys. To be specific, to quality handmade wooden toys his daughter could play, learn and grow with. He started to try and make the toys but his daughter grew up so fast it was almost impossible to catch up with the changing interests of a child.

The first toy made for the little girl was a Balance bike – this was the true beginning of Bilauf. You can still see the balance bike in our logo today. Other parents started to notice and appreciate the good quality toys. So, wooden blocks and houses for children were also made to expand the assortment. Unfortunately, a twist of fate came in a blink of an eye – an accident happened and the workshop burned to the ground with most of the machinery and orders already made inside.

The reality was hard to accept but if it was possible to walk this path once – it would be possible to do it again. Without losing hope a small workshop was made again, this time in a town nearby. At this time, another enthusiast with a young child as well was looking for a job and so, two handyman met. Together they developed the idea of climbers you see today and made it real. They worked hard to increase the quality of the product and to make it more versatile so it would be durable. It’s all about quality not quantity - the goal was and is to make something that would last and that can be handed over to children for generations.

Today we are still considered a small business but we have great determination to continue what we have started. We are always learning and doing our best to make the toys excellent quality and pleasing to the eye as well. We are highly appreciated among our customers and becoming known all over the world. We ship our products worldwide and the reviews are excellent – from customers as well as from our partners.

Our products are considered more than just toys, they bring a flexible play experience that encourages creativity, teaches cooperation, fine motor skills and problem solving. Our products let children learn and play at the same time. Every climber or Kitchen Helper, every toy bought by you, our customer, means the world to us! It is so fulfilling to know that the result of our work brings so much joy and gives an opportunity to learn in an interesting way from early ages on. So, we want to say...


Sincerely yours,